4th International Workshop on


March 28-30, 2012, Kyoto, Japan


Keeping with the tradition of the previous Workshops, a Special Issue of "Optical Materials" will be published, containing a limited number of papers, selected among those presented at PRE'12 in Kyoto.The Guest Editors of this Issue are the co-chairs of the Workshop.

All types of contributions (invited, oral, and poster presentations) are eligible for publication in the Special Issue. The interested authors are invited to submit a full manuscript following the standard submission procedure of Optical Materials.
The deadline of paper submission is May 31, 2012.

For submission please go to the web page:
and log in. In case you do not already have an username/password for the EES system, you can immediately register. Once logged in, you have to select the Article Type. In the bottom box please select SI: PRE 12, and then follow the instructions.
The length of a paper should be included between 4 and 6 printed pages; the maximum length (for invited papers only) is set at 8 printed pages.
Submitted paper will be subjected to the Journal's standard peer review process.
The publication date of the Special Issue is expected to be at the beginning of 2013.

The proceeding of the PRE'10 was published as a special issue of Optical Materials journal. This issue contains selected papers presented at the PRE'10, giving broad spectrum of state-of the art on Rare Earth Photoluminescence.

publication of PRE'10


A number of papers presented at PRE'05, PRE'07 and PRE'10 were published in three Special Issues of Optical Materials, Volume 28, issue 11 (2006), Volume 31, issue 9 (2009), and Volume 33, issue 2 (2010), respectively.
The Contents of the two Special Issues are listed in the following linked documents:

PRE'05 - Volume 28, issue 11: Preface - Contents
PRE'07 - Volume 31, issue 9: Preface - Contents
PRE'10 - Volume 33, issue 2: Preface