4th International Workshop on


March 28-30, 2012, Kyoto, Japan

Post Workshop Excursion on March 31.

Those who wish to enjoy a half-day excursion of beautiful Kyoto can make an entry to either one of three selections below. Registration to the excursions will be accepted at the registration desk on site. A student tour conductor will be accompanied for each course.

Course A : Daigo-ji and Nanzen-ji area ( 7h, ¥ 2,700 * )
* Including lunch time, not including lunch fee.

Sanjo Keihan Station → Daigo-ji → Nanzen-ji → Murin-an → Sanjo Keihan

Daigi-ji Incline

Daigo-ji temple is a world heritage site and a national treasure. It is also famous for the cherry blossom view in spring. You can enjoy not only its flower view but also a beautiful Japanese garden (Murin-an) in this course.

Course B : Kinkaku-ji area ( 6h, ¥ 1,300 * )
* Including lunch time, not including lunch fee.

Demachiyanagi Station → Kinkaku-ji → Toji-in → Hirano Shrine → Demachiyanagi Station

Hirano Shine Kinkaku-ji

Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion Temple) is perhaps the most well-known temple in Japan. Also, Hirano Shrine is a popular place to view cherry blossom. The various scenery of these spots will not make you bored.

Course C : Philosopher's Walk area ( 7h, ¥ 1,500 * )
* Including lunch time, not including lunch fee.

Demachiyanagi Station → Ginkaku-ji → Philosopher's Walk → Shinnyo-do, Konkaikōmyō-ji → Heian Shrine → Demachiyanagi Station

Ginkaku-ji Heian-shine

 Philosopher's Walk Philosopher's Walk is a beautiful path lined with cherry trees and also close to many temples and shrines. Especially Ginkaku-ji has a simple yet elegant Japanese garden and pavilion. Through this course you will be fascinated with Japanese old culture.