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Research & Development

The Technology Center of HGTECH was formally established in 2001 based on the state’s requirements on the enterprise’s technology center about the six functions and R & D system of the modern enterprise, after and reorganization of the existing system. It is one of the earliest established enterprise technology centers in “Wuhan • Optics Valley of China”, and was identified in 2006 as the state-level enterprise technology center.

Technology center was equipped with Laser Processing Technical Institute, Optoelectronic Device Research Institute, Information Safety and Anti-counterfeiting Research Institute, Functional Ceramics Components Research Institute etc., and jointly established state-level scientific institutions National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, National Engineering Technical Research Center for Anti-counterfeiting, Engineering Research Center of Department of Education for Sensitive Ceramics etc. with Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

In HGTECH, there’re about a thousand of researchers (accounting for 20% of total employees) finding into solutions and the development of products. As of December 31st of 2012, HGTECH accumulatively applied for 294 Chinese patents, 5 international PCT patents and 218 authorized patents, HGTECH directed, participated in the development of 5 national standards, 3 industry standards. And had passed 50 ministerial level authentication and verification tests for scientific and technical achievements, totaled more than 60 projects were listed national techniques planning project, and obtained nearly 100 state-level and ministerial scientific discoveries. In 2012, the expense of research and development of HGTECH reached 25 million U.S. Dollars, 8% of revenues, and exceeded 100 million Dollars in R&D expenditure in the past five years.