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Two QC Team Achievements of HGTECH Won Municipal Honor


Recently, Wuhan Quality and Certification and Accreditation Association, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Youth League Committee, and the Municipal Association for Science and Technology jointly organized the Congress of 2020 quality management group and quality trustworthy teams. More than 90 quality groups and quality trustworthy teams from Wuhan equipment manufacturing industry, automobile, telecommunications and other industries participated in the on-site results publication. The results of HG Image QC group of HGTECHs core subsidiary improving the first inspection pass rate of large format packaging paper and improving the first pass rate of sbosa products by HG Genuine Optics QC group won the first prize and the second prize respectively.

HG Image QC team members are composed of chief experts, lithography engineers and other professional backbones of production and technology departments. The project published this time belongs to the research type, which aims to effectively improve the first inspection pass rate of large amount of bread wrapping paper and improve the product quality. Through in-depth investigation and analysis, the team found out the eight terminal factors affecting the qualification rate, analyzed them one by one, set quantitative activity objectives, fully discussed according to the principle of 5W1H, made countermeasures and implemented, and finally achieved the proportion of fogging in large format electroforming decreased from 79.78% to 29.17%, and the qualified rate of the first inspection exceeded More than 75%.

HG Genuine Optics has carried out QC group activities for nearly 7 years and accumulated more than 170 subjects. The topic presented at the meeting aims to improve the coupling and welding technology level and reduce the scrap rate. Through the process Plato analysis, the team found three main improvement points. Through the novelty search and reference, the main factors of the impact were determined and verified, and the targeted improvement scheme was put forward. After the demonstration and feasibility, the team members performed their respective duties to promote the improvement measures. After the improvement, the first-time yield of sbosa was 98 06%, which has reached the standard pass through rate of similar products in the industry.

Based on the quality management concept of continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence, HGTECH adheres to the innovation of total quality management and deepens the development path of quality benefit. Based on the quality management concept of continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence, it continuously promotes the continuous improvement of project management level and efficiency by establishing QC groups of various departments and teams, focusing on technical innovation, quality improvement and advanced management concepts and methods.