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Follow initiative heart and practice the word — HGTECH organized “welcome 7.1, listen to Party lectures” series of activities


To commemorate the 96th anniversary of the foundation of the Party, on June 30th, the meeting of all Party members of HGTECH was held in the lecture hall of the C distinct of the headquarters, and “welcome 7.1, listen to Party lectures” series of activities was organized, too. The Party committee of HGTECH invited Party secretary of Guodian Changyuan electric power co., ltd Zhaohu to give a vivid lecture for Party members of HGTECH, Party secretary and chairman Ma Xinqiang accompanied by the new operating team attended, the whole Party members, probationary Party members and Party activists whose number is over 200 also participated.


The activity was host by the vice Party secretary and vice president of HGTECH Liu Hanshu. Secretary Zhao focused on the theme “constructing the Party with love and kindness”, combining information from the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, shared several points of views — the Party members should have hope, dream and belief; the Party cadres should have height, width, thickness and depth; culture, humanity, service sense and interest transcending sense should be given to enterprises and products. He stated that the relations of Party and politics, Party and people, and Party and enterprises should be dealt with well, and stressed on that the construction of the Party should go into the center, combining with the construction of the Party of Guodian Hubei Changyuan electric power co., ltd, he introduced some specific methods.

Chairman Ma expressed thanks to secretary Zhao for his brilliant lecture representing the Party committee of HGTECH, he was deeply impressed by the “true heart and true feelings” that secretary Zhao mentioned, asked the Party members to reflect themselves frequently and practice the OPE spirits as examples in HGTECH, with the guidance of Common Guiding Principle for Staff of HGTECH, the staff should choose by heart, stop by heart and go by heart.


At last, chairman Ma led the whole staff to review the oath to join the Party, the sacred oath resounded the lecture hall, many Party members expressed that the opinions of the lecture were new, the cases mentioned were fresh and they have learned a lot.