Laser Equipment - hgtech

Laser Equipment is a kind of label that could be applied on packaging or as a seal with security holographic design. Different with ordinary self-adhesive label, anti-counterfeiting features of hologram sticker are generated by high security technologies,which offers you an opportunity to obtain stickers that are customized designed with laser holographic vivid effect.Nowadays, lots of producers adopt hologram sticker to ensure anti-counterfeiting effect, thus this kind of product are widely applying for paper or plastic packaging of cosmetics, stationery, alcohol, medicine, coupon, promotion products, certificate protection, and etc.To meet the multi-level security requirement from different customers, HG Image is keeping upgrading its label products to match different application. Various kinds of products can be offered, for instance, full tamper evident sticker, partial tamper-evident sticker, transparent sticker, and etc. HG Image also combined label with printing technology, developed fluorescent color-shifting effect, barcode & 2D code effect, demetalized printing design, and so on.