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1. Necessity of security medicine

Nowadays, the demands of medical treatment and public health market are extending due to the huge population base and the improvement requirements of the emerging pharmaceutical market. On the other hand, the new pharmaceutical distribution system has not yet formed currently, which leads torampant illegal drug trade. It’s known that fake medicines do harm to the people physical health, so drug security is increasingly important.

2. Application of security technology on medicine



The medicine solution put forward by HG Image aims to satisfy the demands of medicine security through its packaging. We useholographicrelief technology to present the laser holographic dynamic visual effect on medical packaging, realizing the integration of anti-counterfeit marking with packaging so as to protect their brands.

Our lifecycle traceability system on medicine mainly utilize networking technology to make the supply chain traceability transparent from production enterprises to wholesale enterprises, packaging companies, terminal enterprises and consumers. With this system, enterprises’ diversity needs can be met easily, including service release management, product management, traceability code management, traceability data management, report management, production tracing management regulations, raw materials traceability management, inventory management, early warning management, flow management, query and channeling drug anti-counterfeiting query, etc.

3. Exclusive advantages of security medicine

1)      First to combine medicine laser holographic anti-counterfeit mark with laser color hologram plate making technology and embossingprintingtechnology, and to meet the needs of customizing through forms.The lithographic plate making techniques can be achieved by HG Image includes dot matrix dynamic light, disposable special foil, 3D micro back ground, flip- flop effect, true color effect, micro texts, laser hidden design(that can be disclosed security covert information by laser pointer), etc.

2)      To apply HDI technology in medicine, giving security code to each anti-counterfeit label that carries four layers consistent information , and these codes can be unique and variable;

3)      To useQR code technology combines data query systeminsticker to realize the logistics management and high efficiency.

4)      To enable lots of special effects,for example, holographic single color, depth effect, and also lens effect, white dynamic effect (by laser pointer), 3D effect, laser hidden design and full star design, etc.


4. Security Medicine Cases