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Infomation tracing business


    Wuhan Huagong Cyber Data System Co., Ltd.(hereafter HGCYBER), who takes tracing system as its core business, is a leading server of intelligent manufacturing information system solutions in China, and is dedicated in the fields of intelligent industry, intelligent city, and intelligent government affairs.

    HGCYBER has participated in the rule-making processes of numerous national and industrial standards, and carries qualifications such as the national high-tech enterprises, double soft certification enterprises, national security and defense first-class qualification, information system integration second-class qualification, CMMI3 international certification, etc. The company specializes in the fields of intelligent industry and intelligent city, providing specialized products of intelligent manufacturing and product tracing, like data acquisition system, MES manufacturing execution system, WMS intelligent warehouse management system, product quality tracing system, remote operation and maintenance system for equipment, big data analysis system, precision marketing system, etc. It keeps in cooperation and relationship with customers of the government, automotive components, 3C products, food & medicine & agricultural products, warehouse and logistics, such as Dongfeng passenger vehicles, Suzuki, DCEC Cummins, Xixia Pump, Wissun, Siemens, etc.