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Laser Holographic Anti-counterfeiting business


    Wuhan Huagong Image Technology & Development Co., Ltd.(hereafter called “HGIMAGE”), one of the core subsidiaries of HGTECH, ranks first in the field of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting in China. With leading laser holographic technology and comprehensive encryption technology at home and abroad, the company has become an authoritative supplier of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting solutions.

    HGIMAGE specializes in customized design registered holographic hot stamping foil, customized design wallpaper holographic hot stamping foil, plain hot stamping foil, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging, and comprehensive encryption labels, which are widely applied in industry fields such as alcohol and tobacco, national licensing and certification, finance, notes, medicine, and daily chemicals, and have been sold to over 20 countries and districts across the globe.

    The company has a manufacturing base of over 70,000 square meters along with 5 laser holographic production lines, producing 200 laser holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, 20,000,000,000 holographic QR codes, 100,000,000 square meters holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging materials and 60,000 tons holographic transfer paper per annum.